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Hard & Soft Night Guard 

Thermoplastic soft material for maximum comfort with clear hard acrylic for increased strength and durability. Ideal for: Bruxism and TMJ dysfunction.


Hard acrylic  

Heat cured clear acrylic for maximum strength and durability.  Ideal for Bruxism, TMJ Disfunction and Long-term wear.


Soft Thermoplastic 

Most comfortable option. Made entirely from thermoplastic material. Ideal for first time splint wearing patients and minor bruxism.


Gelb appliance 

Less visible, comfortable day wear appliance that uses a metal lingual bar with hard acrylic processed over posterior teeth only.


Mouth guards 

Vacuum formed soft EVA material ( Ethylene Vinyl  Acetate) is commonly

used for minor bruxism and to prevent breakages to crowns, bridges, veneers or natural teeth.


Sport Guards 

Custom made Sport Guards that come in a variety of colours and designs to choose from.  Sport guards are available in 1 layer, 2 layers and 3 layers for light, medium and heavy sport activities.


Essix Retainers  

Pressure formed material used to maintain teeth position and to prevent movement of teeth after orthodontic treatment. Essix retainers can also  include a

denture tooth or teeth to work as a temporary solution for missing teeth replacement.


Bleaching Trays 

Vacuum formed Ethylene Vinyl material used for professional home teeth whitening.

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