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Whether full, partial or immediate, our dentures are designed to meet the individual needs of your patient.

We provide a range of removable prosthodontic products including acrylic work, cast partial frames, flexible dentures, repairs and relines.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures 

Designed to replace dentition in a fully edentulous mouth, complete dentures remain the most suitable treatment option for patients who are  not candidates for implant-based alternatives.

At Live Dental Studio we only use the highest quality base material and a wide range of denture teeth options to suit your patient needs.


Our range of acrylic work includes: 

  •     Immediate dentures

  •     Injection packed dentures

  •     Low residual monomer content acrylics

  •     Pressure and heat packed dentures

  •     Characterization of dentures

  •     High impact acrylics

  •     Deluxe, Premium and value denture teeth options

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Screenshot 2019-11-04 22.18.21.png

Cast Partial dentures

  •     Premium Cobalt Chrome alloys are used to fabricate the frames.

  •     Options to have wrought wire clasps , tooth coloured or clear flexible clasps.

  •     Precision or semi-precision attachments can be integrated in the metal or 

  •     Cured in the acrylic part of the frame.

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Flexible Dentures


  • Durable, Comfortable and Stain resistant.

  • Metal free with higher esthetics for better patient acceptance. 

  • Available in clear thermoplastic material ( Visiclear  ) or variable tooth coloured Acetal resins.

  • Uses conventional acrylics on tissue areas to make it possible to reline or add more teeth in the future.

Screenshot 2019-11-04 22.17.45.png


Our Acrylic partial dentures are made of high impact quality acrylics with variable acrylic teeth options to suit your needs.

Available with Wrought wire clasps, Flexible clear and tooth coloured clasps and cast clasps.

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